Material Witness Ltd.
Established April 2016

Forensic Engineering
Vehicle Light Bulb Investigation
Fracture/Failure Investigation
Metallurgical Investigations
"Unsafe Condition" Crash Investigations
Corrosion Microscopy
Expert Witnessing

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Covid-19 - Material Witness: Business (Almost) As Usual

Material Witness is a company of one person, as such it is easy to maintain distancing precautions etc. while operating the laboratory largely as normal. Material Witness is therefore open for business and welcomes your enquiries for all investigations and failure investigations metallurgical, metallographic, fractographic, microscopical, electron microscope, forensic engineering, etc. etc.

About Material Witness Ltd.

In a 25-year career, Dr Fielden has investigated aspects of road and rail crashes, health & safety incidents, consumer product failures, industrial failures and more. In short, anything broken, bent, cracked, corroded, or coming apart. Dr Fielden teaches short courses for the police and others, and has taught forensic engineering and materials science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

A wide variety of techniques may be called for in one of these investigations, but microscopy (microscope examination) is always required, and is often the only thing required. The Material Witness lab has low- and high-power optical microscopes, a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and all the neccessary supporting equipment.

Dr Fielden is always happy to talk on the phone about your case, and what can and cannot be done to assist. An emailed photo often helps with giving a preliminary opinion, clarifying what the non-specialist investigator can safely do for themselves, and what more information could be gained using specialist equipment and/or skills.

There is no "typical" investigation, but the following questions are the most frequently asked:-